31 May 2018

Crochet Pattern | Baby Wolf Howling

Adorable Crochet Pattern | Baby Wolf Howling at the Moon

This pattern was inspired by a friend that I had known since middle school (over 20 years ago). She has three handsome boys and she wanted to give one a gift that was unique. She sent me a photo of a baby wolf howling and asked if I could create it in crochet. I told her I would do my best. 

I spent days working on the pattern. Scouring the internet for tips on how to merge two colors, how to position floppy ears, and so on. I wrote down the pattern in a notebook as I went. I remember taking out several rounds of stitches and becoming frustrated. In the end, this adorable wolf pup was born. I decided to share my creation with the world and have successfully sold over 100 copies of this pattern! 

I plan on releasing more patterns in the future, so be sure to follow my Craftsy page for updates!