01 July 2018

Boxcar Children: Mystery of its own Making

Boxcar Children Books: Who's Writing Them?

If you haven't seen my LibraryThing account, then you probably will not understand how important books are in my life. Books are amazing and the more variety you include in your personal library, the more knowledge you can gain. While I enjoy reading my books, I also spend time organizing and keeping a detailed inventory of what I own. The series by Gertrude Chandler Warner known as The Boxcar Children books is a personal favorite. I love the stories and how strong the characters become. In a sense, it's like having the kids from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe living in the land of the Bobbsey Twins or Nancy Drew. Stay strong as a family, learn to overcome challenges and solve outlandish mysteries.

Did you know that the Boxcar Children books are still being written today even though the original author died in 1979. In fact, the first 19 books were written by the original author. There are at least 150 books though...biggest mystery ever! Who is writing these books? Researching the website for the books, the publisher, and community forums reveals nothing more than "ghost writer" or "committee" or authors. The biggest mystery to come from these books isn't the struggles the children endure...it's the mystery of who is writing these books! 

Gather your strength and help me solve this mystery! Want to track the books you have read? Here is a great download you can use. 

What's the Verdict?

Sadly, many people have agreed that after the original author (Warner) died in 1979, the Boxcar Children books are "not worth reading". What do you think? There's at least 120 more books to read. Which one(s) have you found to be entertaining? Does it change your perspective knowing that the original author did not write them? 

Education & Learning

Several websites offer free learning resources for The Boxcar Children. Even if you only use the first book for your lesson, check out these websites:

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(not all items are free)