11 August 2018

Crochet in the Round

Crocheting in the Round: Magic Circle Style

If you want to view the FREE video tutorial, you will find it at the bottom of this post. 

When I first learned how to crochet, all I did was make chains. I was six or seven years old when our landlord gave me a crochet hook (blue, size J) and some yarn. I watched her as she showed me how to start a chain. Once I had it, I didn't stop. I remember using up a whole skein of pastel rainbow Red Heart yarn and all I did was turn it into one super long chain. She tried once to show me how to turn and work the other direction, but I never could figure it out. For me, crocheting chains was the equivalent to today's "fidget" toys. My brain and my hands were busy while my mouth was closed. I was focused and determined. 

I kept that crochet hook and attempted to crochet again when I was older. I had yarn purchased and a simple blanket or cloth pattern from the local craft store. Each time I started with the chain, but found it difficult to turn around and go the other way. Keep in mind, this was before the internet and YouTube resources. I put the yarn away and turned to other crafts, like sewing, quilting, painting and photography as an outlet. 

Side Note: I was 13 when I completed my first clothing item, 14 when I finished my first embroidery and 16 when I finished my first quilt. I was mostly self-taught, but that's because I also read tons of books and watched public television networks where free sewing courses were aired in during the summer. 

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my first child that I began to find crocheting intriguing again. It was one of the few crafting techniques that I had not figured out. My mother-in-law is an amazing woman and enjoys the several of the same crafts that I enjoy. She had shown me how to knit and I enjoyed it, but found it more difficult to work with two hooks instead of one. She showed me a crochet technique for a simple square doing single stitches. The first time I tried single crochet squares, I was too tight with my tension and my technique were not good. 

Thanks to technology, I was able to scour the internet for tutorials on various crochet techniques, stitches and more. I came across some of the most adorable crochet patterns and started pinning them to my Pinterest account (now it's own account). I found amigurumi crochet patterns to be extremely interesting and I sat down and crocheted with the tutorial. 

The one thing that troubled me at first was understanding what a "round" was and how it was different from a row. I watched a video that showed me how to create a circle from a chain, but this method was not efficient for me and left a rather wide gap at the opening. Then I found a video on a magic ring or magic circle and I was intrigued. I watched it about twenty times and ten more in slow motion. After that, I really enjoyed crochet in the round and have made many toys or amigurumi. 

I started making tutorials to help others learn how to crochet in the round also! Here is my first tutorial video! Crochet the magic circle: