29 December 2009

In the Beginning: Let There Be Sleep

This is a post about the beginning of what I thought was a problem. A problem of sleep. A problem of time. A problem of diet, exercise and stress.

Growing up, I would always say "I'm tired," and the typical response by family would be that I was exaggerating my sleepiness. From their point of view, I suppose it appeared that way; however, there were times that I would just fall asleep.  I would fall asleep whenever the opportunity was given to me.
Later on in life, I became aware that I was hypoglycemic. My extreme tiredness and instant need to rest was due to my sugar levels. I had to start watching my diet and excercise regularly. I was also a pack a day smoker which was also concluded as part of my symptoms.
Define Narcolepsy by AnimeChi
After moving out on my own, it was practically impossible for me to afford insurance and pay my bills. I did get medical insurance until I got my current job. I had many ailments that I wanted to attend to.
Around that time, my stress levels were very intense and I was beginning to displace my anger on others. I went to a counselor who helped to recognize that my extreme exhuastion and physical ailments were more than just normal stress or hypoglycemia.
The local hospital scheduld me in for a sleep study and not much longer after I received my diagnosis. I was narcoleptic.
I those years of thinking that I would never be able to justify my need for sleep was finally justified.