05 June 2018

Crochet Project Planner | Printable

How often have you had an amazing idea for a crochet project? How many of those ideas have you actually started? How many of those started projects have you written down to create a beautiful pattern and sell/give to the world? If you are anything like me, then time just slips through your fingers and started projects can become wistful memories in a second.

Creativity is where my soul thrives! I love to create new and beautiful things and I really enjoy sharing how to do them with others. It wasn't until early 2017 that I realized people really do want to learn more about crochet. I started offering my crochet skills and created Cuddly Crochet Toys as a means to provide people with adorable crochet toys when they were unable to crochet themselves. Unique, one of kind, and "oh-so-adorable" creations! I frequently would get asked if I made my own patterns.

It hit me later that I really should be making patterns and not toys to sell individually! My first pattern, as shown in a previous post, was the Baby Wolf Howling. The hardest part, for me, with making crochet patterns was keeping track of everything. I had a notepad and I would jot rows/rounds down, but I didn't write down anything else. When it came time to type up my gorgeous masterpiece, I had to recall so much from memory and it was frustrating.

What do I do when something frustrates me? I FIX IT, of course. Just before 2018, I released the Crochet Journal (a digital bullet journal and planner for the crochet fanatic). Sales were great! Over 150 copies sold! More people commented on the crochet pattern planner than anything! Well, I love to give my audience what they love! So, I have revamped and created the NEW & IMPROVED Crochet Pattern Planner! For a limited time, you can get this beauty at 50% off!

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