03 June 2018

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Journaling Helps with Organization, Stress & More!

Before I became a mom, I was very organized and had a fantastic routine. If you are a parent, then you know how difficult it can be to maintain organization and routine. Now that my girls are getting a little older, I am finding ways of getting back to my former level of organization. Finding time to do these things is where I struggle most. 

I have scoured local stores for the perfect pre-made journal. One that allows me to take over the doodling, quotes, and leaves me ample space to write down all my lists, thoughts, and appointments. I tried to create my own handmade bullet journal, but found it too time consuming. I would love to sit and doodle for hours each day, but my children need me more. Someday I might have a gorgeous bullet journal to present. For now, I create quick and simple printable pages for my binder. 

I have found other blogs that offer free printable journal pages; however, as much as I love their designs, sometimes I feel like it's just too busy. Too many items to keep track of. Too many pages to fill out. I like the design of a bullet journal or journal calendar, but all the retail style ones are too fancy, expensive or not my style. 

After spending a few hours one afternoon tinkering with my template, I am satisfied with the outcome! June 2018 Journal is now available for download! Please take the time to provide feedback! I would love to know what other moms are looking for when it comes to quick and easy organization. 


BONUS: Journaling Legend

I love the way that some people use adorable stickers and cute little doodles for their journals. Again, it's all about time for this mama. Here is a simple legend to help you get started.