Death Dying & Bereavement

A Light in the Dark

What brought you here? Are you looking for information, support, or professional growth? No matter the reason, always remember you are not alone and your search for more knowledge is meaningful.



Despite what some might think, information on death, dying, bereavement, end of life care, hospice, power of attorney, good death, grieving, and the like are frequently researched topics. Information specific to a particular aspect of death can be found in abundance throughout the internet. Here in lies the dilemma: how can someone find quality information on these topics within the convoluted internet quagmire?

This is the one-stop site for all your inquiries. Within the site you will find information on death including, but not limited to: statistics, cultural history, info-graphics, resources, support groups, funeral planning, hospice, professional development, end-of-life care, and occupations. The list is endless and due to the vastness of this topic, the website is constantly being updated with new (historical and present) information.

I created this portion of my site as an effort to spread awareness, increase knowledge and decrease fear. In a manner, this site can be used as an encyclopedia; a source of reference and information.


Building a website dedicated to all things death, dying, bereavement, mortality, thanatology, etc. is going to be a heavy undertaking. This process is going to take years. Information is going to be abundant. As part of this process, and the end product, stories, narratives, and experiences from readers like you are needed. If you will be making a contribution, please review these guidelines.

Sharing Your Personal Accounts on Death/Dying/Bereavement

While many of us hide from our experiences surrounding death, it is not uncommon for people to gain a sense of release or closure when finally sharing these experiences. Whether you experienced this event personally or were witness to another’s experience, these submission must be confidential. Rules of submitting your narrative:

  1. NO NAMES. It’s understandable that you will want to tell the story like it is, leaving no truth left untold; however, for the sake of privacy and confidentiality, please do not use legal names. Come up with aliases (i.e. John Doe, Jane Doe, etc.). When real names are used, it becomes a legal problem with disclosure.

  2. NO DEMOGRAPHICS. Often times we forget how scary the internet can be. Submitting a story that excludes names but includes state, city, hospital, cemetery, etc. might lead a stalker right to your door. Come up with alternatives (i.e. Rose Cemetery, University Hospital, or Northwestern State, etc.).

  3. FILTER THE GORE. The audience for this site could include a vast spectrum of individuals. As respect for those with weak constitutions, strong religious and moral convictions, etc. please do not include horrific details (i.e. description of bodily fluids, description of dismemberment, etc.). If you aren’t sure how to portray your story, please use a dictionary.

  4. FILTER THE LANGUAGE. Again, these submissions should not be given to create upheaval or anger. These submissions are a way to release the pain that is weighing down those who are grieving or struggling with first account experiences. Please leave the garbage language, trolling, and pot-stirring off of this site.

Please be advised that all submissions will be monitored and reviewed before posting. Be patient as this site is managed by a single person and many submissions are anticipated. They will be posted as promptly as is humanly possible. A submission form will be available with further details. Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your contributions.