Before I Die: Global Art

Imagine yourself walking down the street and you happen upon a black wall with bold, white lettering that reads "Before I die...". What is your reaction? You walk closer to find the words "Before I die I want to" duplicated a hundred times with space to fill in the blank. On the sidewalk under the wall, you notice a bucket of sidewalk chalk. What are you thinking? Do you have something you want to write?

"Before I Die" has become a global art movement. Walls are popping up all over the globe. A search of the internet brings you to the website and a beautiful book showing some of the art. The founder, Candy Chang, started the movement after a period of deep grief and sadness over a loved one dying. She sought out a new way of communicating with the community and it turned into a movement with so much feeling and empowerment. After a TED talk on her inspiring movement, more communities are getting involved. And their contributions are not going unnoticed.

A recent news release shows how students are getting involved and the excitement is building over the purpose and meaning of the project. Social media is also being utilized as a means to encourage others to join the global art movement. “The wall is a way to engage our entire community in a conversation that, while we are most likely to avoid conversations about death and dying, our relationship with death is inevitable,” Marie Thompson, associate professor of communication with Wright State University said.

What would you write on the wall? Before I die, I want to______________________________. Share yours in the comments.