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You can choose to receive individual counseling, supportive counseling, life coaching, career counseling, psychoeducation, or a combination of the services offered.

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Massengale Counseling provides therapy via telehealth using HIPAA compliant video therapy software.

Individual Counseling

If you would like clinical mental health interventions, individual clinical counseling can identify underlying issues. Clinical counseling includes treatment planning, assessments, diagnosing and treatment. This type of counseling is ideal for improving cognitive and emotional development and improve coping for stressful situations.

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Grief Counseling

A subtype of individual counseling which aims to improve how individuals cope with loss. Grief counseling can alleviate distress caused by a major change in lifestyle or death. This type of counseling is best for those who struggle persistent struggles to past or present loss.


Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is designed to help individuals process past and present experiences which cause symptoms associated with post traumatic stress. TF-CBT can alleviate these symptoms and provide long term benefits. For more information please view the TF-CBT site

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Life Coaching

A life coach can help you define and achieve your goals (personal, professional, or both). Life coaching helps you guide your mindset toward success and self-improvement to achieve your desires.

Career Coaching

Similar to Life Coaching, Career Coaching focuses on professional aspirations. Career Coaching can help you define and achieve your career goals. This includes helping you overcome any obstacles.

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Psychoeducation Classes

Psychoeducation is not therapy. These classes are provided to encourage self-improvement using resources and materials that have been examined by scientific research. Psychoeducation courses include New Parent Classes, Intimate Partner Violence Classes, and Effective Communication Classes.